my stomach is not happy about being filled with food, gonna go lay down

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went to the cotswolds wildlife park today :y have some penguins


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"This you?"

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does anyone get really mad when other people try to tell your pets what to do

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Meet Pickles, aka “Catosaurus.” He was rescued in Boston and he’s over 3 feet long.

what the FUCK was this cat fed

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All of Stan Lee’s Marvel film cameos (updated!)

Send me your NOTP


my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay | I ship it hard | OTP

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I’m not a misandrist, but I think the government should enact a ban preventing all cishet white men from buying firearms.  They’re obviously too riddled with innate violent impulses to use them responsibly.

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message me a pokemon and I’ll tell you if I:

hate it | don’t really like it | it’s ok | love it | favorite

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